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Applesauce, Fruit Cups & Squeezes
Looking for an amazing new afternoon snack at work? Enjoy a little something sweet with applesauce, fruit cups and squeezes from!

Fruit Cups

Looking to add some healthy, guilt-free snacks to your diet? Dole fruit cups, apple sauce, and fruit and vegetable snacks are perfect additions! They're chock full of nutrients and are a great on-the-go snack. We've got a huge selection of fruit cups, and apple sauce for any healthy snacking need. Like snacks from Dole, Musselman's, Del Monte, and those Go Go Squeeze apple sauce pouches all the kids love.

Got a bunch of hungry kids running around your house? Stop working so hard in the kitchen and stock your pantry with apple sauce, fruit cups, and Go Go Squeeze pouches. It's a total game changer. Just pop a Del Monte Peach Fruit Cup or a Go Go Squeeze Apple Berry Pouch in your bag and hand one to Bobby or Sara when hunger strikes. If you're worrying about your kids having too much sugar, a fruit cup here and there won't hurt. It's way healthier than all that caramel sauce for apples and ice cream you're buying them.

Apple Sauce

Need to make an apple sauce cake? Use the apple cranberry sauce in the fridge you were going to use for that apple cranberry sauce recipe. And why not throw some blended Dole pineapple from your Dole fruit cup in the cake mix too. Who would've known Dole fruit cups are great as a standalone snack, and can be used as an ingredient in a yummy dessert? Worried about the fruit cup calories in a Dole mixed fruit cup? Don't. A fruit cup can be pretty healthy compared to chips and dip and all the other junk we put in our pie holes.

But if you do love chips, that's cool too. We've got chips, pretzels, jerky, and so much more in our snack foodsselection. So head there for snacks other than the Dole and Go Go Squeeze products you love, and then do all your grocery shopping in our other sections, too. With free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, why wouldn't you?