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Chips & Pretzels
There's nothing better than a big bowl of chips or pretzels. Shop chips and pretzels at and get kale chips, tortilla chips and more!


What goes great with a sandwich? Chips! When you have of a party, what do you eat? Doritos, Pretzels! These are the best snacks of life we're talking about. You know, the Lays chips, potato chips, and kettle chips that make the perfect crunchy compliment to any lunch. Or those other chips that are completely different but just as tasty — like kale chips, plantain chips, veggie chips, and sun chips. We're glad you landed here because our Doritos, chip, and pretzel selection will blow your sweet potato chips minds.

Got Lays potato chips and all the Doritos flavors on your mind? Lays chips — in all Lays chips flavors — and Doritos might be considered pretty standard when it comes to snacking, so if you're looking to switch things up check out Simply Sea Salt Kale Chips. Or jump on Kettle buffalo chip train to add some kick in your bite. Stacy's Pita chips have become super popular recently. Same with pretzel chips too. So maybe it's time to put the Doritos aside and explore all the other chip and pretzel options. (Or stick with what you know — Doritos, Lays potato chip flavors, or any other snacks we've got.)


Now that we're entering pretzel territory, let's talk seasoned pretzels. They take the pretzel snack to a whole new level — ranch pretzels, spicy pretzels, you name it. We've got you covered with all the pretzel bites options you need to stock your pantry. Snyder's pretzel pieces come stuffed with peanut butter or cheese, and Rold Gold makes tiny pretzel twists. (If you're a Wetzel Pretzel fan, really any pretzel will do, right?) You'll be so impressed with our pretzels, it might be worth celebrating National Pretzel Day.

Stop stressing about if pretzels are vegan and don't freak out when that last bag of chips is gone. It's all good. Shop with us and you get 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, which includes tons of items from our grocery section. That means kale chips, Lays chips, and way more. (But if you're still wondering, most pretzels are vegan.)