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Nuts, Seeds & Trail Mix
Want a snack that's salty, sweet, or somewhere in between? Shop nuts, seeds, and trail mix at! Get cashew nuts, corn nuts, and more.


Are you the kind of person that likes all types of nuts? Pine nuts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, or just mixed nuts in general? We've got you covered with a huge selection of beer nuts, corn nuts, and just about every other nut to satisfy your salty appetite. Fisher Chef's Pine Nuts are perfect for baking and NOW Foods Organic Brazil Nuts are great for snacking. And the nut selection doesn't stop there. If you're looking for corn nuts, try out Sincerely Nuts. And for macadamia nuts, Royal Hawaiian and Planters are great choices too.

Trail Mix

All of these nuts makes for some awesome trail mix ingredients. Sweet and salty trail mix is a great party snack that goes great alongside other quick bites like popcorn from our snack foods or grocery sections. Need something festive to add to your Christmas menu? Throw in red and green M&Ms into your Christmas trail mix, along with some macadamia nuts, brazilian nuts and pine nuts, too. Go on, it's the holidays. Don't worry about trail mix calories. (And just so we're clear — we're talking a real life party here. Not a trail mix mod for a party on Minecraft.)

It's pretty easy to make a mountain trail mix, s mores trail mix, or Chex trail mix recipe if you want to make it yourself. But if you don't feel like cooking, get a pre-made Kar's trail mix with just a click of a button. If your family loves trail mix and you're looking for some healthy trail mix options, we've got gourmet trail mix from brands like Emerald and Shale Snacks the whole family will love! (FYI, gourmet trail mix might sound fancy, but it's just another way for saying yummy, good-tasting trail mix.)

Maybe you love brazil nuts so much, you want to buy them in bulk. Or maybe that last macadamia nut snack had got you thinking about a bunch of trail mix bar ideas for your office party next week. Either way, we're stocked with so many brazil nuts, corn nuts, pine nuts, and trail mix, shopping with us won't be the nuttiest decision you ever make. (Sorry.)