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Want to get the gunk out from between your teeth? Shop dental floss and floss picks at and make the most demanding dentist proud!

Dentists aren't usually surprised to hear that people don't floss their teeth daily. Let's be real, the thought of using Dentek floss before or after brushing is just bothersome. But using dental floss doesn't have to be that way. Gone are the days when floss was stiff and made your gums bleed. Modern floss is amazing whether it's a WaterPik water flosser, Reach dental floss, smooth Dentek glide floss, or the floss dental hygienists use.

Water Flosser

Wondering what's better — WaterPik vs. flossing? If you have sensitive gums, using the water floss method with a WaterPik might be gentler than standard dental floss. All it takes is one minute for a WaterPik water flosser to work its magic between your teeth and gums, and your mouth will be on the path to healthiness — all thanks to your WaterPik, no doubt. Which is the best WaterPik? That's up to you and your soon-to-be-strong gums. (And to think, all it took was a water flosser. If only water flosser gadgets could save other life problems.)

Not sure how often you should floss? The answer is every day, whether it's with Dentek, Aim, Conair, or any other dental floss brand. We're willing to bet that everyone would floss their teeth if they had the best dental floss for their specific needs. We've got Dentek Dental Floss Picks coated in flouride for a deep clean, and Oral-B Pro-Health Deep Clean Dental Floss is silky smooth with shred-resistant texture. Either way, you're getting some great dental floss.

On top of floss, we've got all the other personal care products you use in your bathroom, like that Dentek dental guard or toothbrush you can't live without. And don't stop at whiter and healthier teeth. Once you find your dental guard or water flosser, check out our Health & Beauty section for tons of other products like lotions, makeup, and skincare. Once you experience our free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, you may never feel like running out to the drug store again.