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Christmas Food & Beverages

Taste the season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — and smell and taste like it, too. Because, gifts and trees aside, what would the season be without all your favorite holiday treats? Imagine an Ugly Sweater party without the eggnog, or December 24th without the Christmas cookies and milk. From candy canes and gingerbread men to honey-glazed ham and hot cross buns, Christmas foods are baked right into the celebration all season long. And whether you’re recreating grandma’s classic green bean casserole or testing out new holiday recipes to impress your in-laws, you’ll find all your must-have Christmas ingredients right here.

Start small with some easy Christmas appetizers and snacks:, cranberry brie bites, candied nuts, spiced hot apple cider… what’s not to love? Then it’s on to the rest of your Christmas dinner menu, where more traditional recipes take center stage. Amp up your mashed potatoes and other Christmas side dishes with plenty of fresh herbs — they’ll add even more flavor to complement the main course. Once you’ve figured out your snacks, drinks, and other Christmas dinner ideas, it’s on to the best part of all: Christmas desserts.

Between the fresh pies, pumpkin loaves, and endless array of Christmas cookies, there’s no shortage of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth during the holidays. Pro tip: Stock your pantry with essential baking ingredients ahead of time and you’ll never have to worry about having enough flour for your favorite holiday cookie recipes. Making gingersnaps? Don’t forget the molasses. Prepping peppermint bark? You’ll want to keep some extra white chocolate handy. No matter what’s on the menu, we have the supplies you need to mix more holiday drinks, cook your tastiest Christmas dinner, and bake batch after batch of Christmas desserts all season long.

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