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Nothing complements your carefully selected furniture and decor like clean floors. Gleaming hardwood, freshly vacuumed carpet — it may seem like an afterthought, but floor care is actually very important to your home’s aesthetic. And the right vacuum or steam cleaner can make all the difference in keeping your place pristine. Luckily, we have a wide selection of vacuums, carpet cleaners, and more to help you maintain your space in style. When picking a vacuum cleaner, consider your home’s particular needs. Do you have pets? Pile carpets? Oriental or delicate hand-knotted rugs? You’ll want to tailor your floor care routine accordingly. A high-capacity canister or upright vacuum cleans carpet, rugs, hardwood, and tiles with ease — perfect for picking up everyday dirt and thick dog hair, too. Working with a smaller space? Consider a stick or handheld vacuum for easier maneuverability. And when it comes to tackling hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, a cordless vacuum can’t be beat. Of course, for the ultimate hands-off cleaning experience, there’s always a robot vacuum. Cleaning should always be this easy. Need a deeper clean to prepare for guests or take care of post-party grit and grime? Consider a carpet steam cleaner with rotating brushes and stain-targeting technology. We also carry carpet sweepers and vacuum and sweeper accessories for quick cleanup, dusting, and upholstery maintenance. Perhaps your apartment doesn’t have any carpet? Don’t worry — we’ve got steam mops, too. They’re the simplest way to take care of your floors, swiping up spills to leave everything sleek and shining. So whether you’ve got tons of carpeting or just need to tidy up your kitchen tiles, you can find all your floor care solutions right here.

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