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Utensils & Gadgets
Looking for cooking tools? has you covered! Save on kitchen utensils and fun kitchen gadgets like can openers, utensils, and tongs.

Trying to master the art of cooking a steak? We’ve got great steak knives from Ginsu and BergHOFF for novices or culinary experts alike. Keep your new purchases in tip-top shape with Presto knife sharpeners, and treat them right by cutting on quality OXO cutting boards and chopping blocks. And since you’re already in the process of upgrading your blades, take a look at our selection of kitchen knives from OceanStar for any other cutting needs.

If whipping up some pasta and veggies is more your thing, we’ve loads of strainers and colanders from Cuisinart and choppers, graters and slicers from Chef Craft. Now that you’ve satisfied your salty craving, how about something sweet? Check out our baking tools, mixing, and prep bowls from brands like Norpro, Zak Designs, and Oggi.

Don’t have any idea how to count a pinch or a dollop? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got tons of measurers and timing tools from Pyrex and Progressive to help you measure out all your ingredients. Need some other cooking odds and ends? Check out oven mitts, pot holders, dish towels, and aprons by brands like Lodge, Full Circle, and Attitude Aprons. Oh, and don’t forget about cool kitchen gadgets like ice cube trays and molds. (Get it? Get it? Sorry.)

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