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Storage & Organization
Keep everything in its place with storage and organization essentials.
No home can really be considered complete without elegantly functional home storage and organization essentials, especially when you’re short on space. Think about the impeccably stylish spaces you envy over Sunday-morning coffee. Mid-century modern living rooms, boho-drenched bedrooms, sleek post-industrial lofts: They all make use of ingenious storage solutions that set your type-A brain aflutter. (Storage shelves built into staircases, chic coffee tables made of artfully arranged cube storage bins…you get the idea.)

Your apartment might not be photo-ready just yet, but with just a few tasteful home storage selections, you can at least keep things neat. Storage bins and storage containers are a must in small spaces — they’re an efficient way to keep clutter from overflowing into your living space. Try baskets and bins for organizing your toiletries, since your guests probably don’t need to see every hair product and pill bottle you own. The same goes for kitchen storage and organization. Have an extra closet to work with? Make the most of it with racks and storage shelves for bulky items like paper towels and storage bins of pet food.

Can’t see your bedroom floor? Consider a closet system, plus seasonal storage for all those sweaters and flip-flops you definitely don’t need all year. Speaking of footwear: No matter how small a closet you’re working with, shoe racks and organizers will be your best friend. Plus, jewelry boxes are perfect if you take accessorizing seriously. Finding the perfect storage solutions for your place is a lot easier than you think — just take a deep breath and think of how good your home will look when you eventually do that blog post.

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