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Bring your windows to life

Curtain Call

Add the perfect finishing touch to
any room with decorative drapes.

Window Treatments

Dress up your windows with decorative treatments and chic curtains.

Whether your street level apartment is lacking privacy or you want to cool down your home just in time for summer, curtains and window treatments are an elegant design solution. Equal parts functional and decorative, window treatments can also bring serious style to your space. Don’t think there are curtains out there to match your aesthetic? Think again. Modern window treatments have come a long way from the busy floral styles that were once in your grandparents living room.

Just like rugs, your curtains should look cohesive with the rest of your furniture. Bold furniture is best complemented by neutral style window treatments, while simple furnishings can be amplified by patterned or colorful drapes. From chic ikat curtains to medallion printed styles, window treatments can help you add a pop of color or a splash of pattern to any space. Have a walnut mid century modern dining set? Dark blue curtains in your dining room or kitchen would perfectly complement the warmth of the wood. Love boho style? Bamboo shades or matchstick living room window treatments can help you curate an organic vibe.

You can also use window treatments to help accentuate tall ceilings or make cramped spaces appear bigger. Picking out small bedroom window treatments? Choose curtains similar in color to your walls. The less contrast you have with your wall color and curtains, the larger the room will appear. Want to make your high ceilings look even taller? Hang your window treatments as high as possible to elongate the room. And don’t forget curtain rods! From art deco brass styles to black and white transitional types, curtain rods with decorative end caps instantly add extra flair to your space.

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