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Kids' Room

Deck out your kid’s room with styles that look like yours, just smaller.

One day, long after they’ve outgrown their kids’ furniture, your kids will go off to college and start making their own design decisions. (Inspired ones, we’re sure, that they’ll attribute to the impeccable taste of their parents.) But until then, and especially while they’re still little, picking out kids’ bedroom sets, kids’ dressers, and everything else they need is up to you — which means you have the chance to create something really special.

Deciding on kids’ furniture is just like getting furniture for adults — it’s all about bringing a look to life. Love the idea of surrounding your kids with boho flair? Top their tiny kids’ beds with kids’ bedding in eclectic colors and rich textures, then mix-and-match it with a brightly patterned rug and window treatments. (More can definitely be more.) Thinking about a stylish mid-century vibe instead? Your children’s furniture can feel just as modern as yours. Go for nightstands, dressers, and kids’ bedroom furniture with clean lines, mixed materials, and bold contrast. No matter what style you settle on, though, a little bit of sweet decor can tie it all together.

Of course, there’s much more to kids’ furniture than kids’ bedroom sets. Lounge seating can help them wind down from a long day of playing and drinking juice. As anyone who’s ever stepped on a toy in the middle of the night can attest, toy storage is crucial. And once they’re old enough to start coloring and then doing homework, you’ll want to check out table and chair sets — because otherwise, that vintage coffee table you’re so proud of just doesn’t stand a chance.

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