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Extension Cords
Tired of overextending your spending on extension cords? Shop and save! Fill your indoor and outdoor extension cord needs for less.

Need indoor extension cords for the home or office? Brands like GoGreen Power and Axis make extra-long cords you can plug a bunch of different things into at once. (That way you don't have to charge your phone across the room — just think of all the texts you'd miss from your mom.) Looking for cords for heavy-duty equipment? Check out three-prong heavy duty extension cords from brands like Fellowes and Compucessory.

Want to get your furniture closer to the baseboard? Pick up flat extension cords from brands like Woods and Power Zone. They even have plugs that don't block the other outlet, which is good because that's basically the worst. And speaking of convenience: How about a retractable extension cord or an extension cord reel so you won't have to work like crazy on untangling?

Meanwhile, extension cords can be super powerful. Just how powerful? Let's explore. Arrow Hart's 220v extension cord is great for industrial-strength appliances, but Camco takes the cake with a 25 foot 50 amp locking electrical adapter. And of course, whether you're an occasional weekender or a seasoned traveler, a few solid heavy-duty extension cords are a must-have for any RV enthusiast. (Or anyone, really. But go along with us here.)

Look, at this point, life is what happens between charging your devices. And we really hope you connect the dots. (And the cords.) Because with our great prices, free shipping over $35, and free returns within 30 days, it's never been easier or more affordable to stay plugged in — so maybe you won't have to ask a waiter to plug your phone in next time you go out.