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Scent Boosters
Want to keep your clothes smelling extra-fresh with a scent booster? Kick your laundry routine up a notch with scent boosters from!

With Downy unstopables, gain fireworks, and snuggle scent boosters, there's no way your clothes won't be smelling fresh and new, no matter how rough you are with them. Starting with the Downy unstoppable brand is a great way to up your in wash scent booster game. After all, Downy unstopables aren't called unstopables for nothing. With boosted scents, like lush and spring, there is a Downy unstoppable for every occasion. Try the best selling unstopables available, such as Downy Unstopables In-Wash Fresh Scent Booster, or find the Downy unstoppable scent that will make you a Downy unstopables believer.

Laundry Boosters

Unstopables aren't the only options for laundry that smell amazing. Try an exotic take on your laundry scent booster with Gain fireworks. Gain fireworks will make your laundry beads obsession even more robust, with scents like Tropical Sunrise and Moonlight breeze. Maybe give Gain fireworks Wildflower and Waterfall a try for a wildly refreshing wash and fold. Just like the classic Downy unstoppable, Gain fireworks go right in your laundry, and leave any laundry load smelling fresh as a daisy (or moonlight breeze, if that's your scent beads go-to).

Scent Beads

Laundry beads like unstopables and Gain fireworks work well, but don't overlook the more classic in wash scent booster options, like Snuggle scent boosters. Snuggle scent boosters come in small packet form that go right into the wash for clean, simple loading. Snuggle scent boosters are mess free, and come in scents like Island Dreams and Cherry blossom. And even Snuggle scent boosters and Downy unstopables are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the great laundry products available.

You know they make laundry boosters from Downy unstoppable, and Gain's wonderful aromas crackle like a firework. But no matter what your preference, with free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on many household supplies, and it's clear that is your one-stop shop on laundry day.