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Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Plumbing
Keep all your pipes flowing free with plumbing supplies from! Get plumbing parts, hoses, pumps, fittings, insulation and much more.

Nobody likes to talk about it, and it's not always your fault, but sometimes your home's pipes get backed up. Broken plumbing happens to the best of us. Fortunately, PEXworx and Genova Products have got PVC piping with your name on it. Need a different kind of water flow? Our tubing from Value Brand and Mueller Industries will get your liquids from here to there. Or maybe it's just your yard that needs water – our hoses have got you covered. (In water.)

But maybe what you need is to stop water from flowing. That's where push-in plugs from Cherne Industries and Shaw Plugs come in. Of course, nothing controls the flow of water and like valves – they're like light switches but for water! Or just send water flying however you want with hose nozzles from Orbit and Snow Joe.

Some of the best plumbing supplies offer a bit more oomph, like hydraulic equipment from Premier and Bennett. Flow switches from SMC are like the air traffic controllers of your plumbing system. (Not really, but sort of.) And pumps from Little Giant, well, pump water, which is a really great thing for them to do.

Not all plumbing fixtures have the glitz and glamor of, say, protective caps – some just quietly do their jobs without any fanfare. Seals & o-rings from Value Brand and Pentek help make your pipes perfectly air-tight. Meanwhile cylinders & accessories from MAXIM and Speedaire do all sorts of important stuff that's too interesting and complicated to get into here. And who can forget fittings? Plumbing fittings, man, they just really connect one thing to another.