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Microscopes & Telescopes
Looking to see the stars or just stare at cells? can help! Get everything from a brand new telescope to microscope parts and beyond.

Space is big. Like, really really big. So why squint while you're stargazing when there are telescopes that can save you the trouble? Staring at the night sky with telescopes from brands like Explore Scientific, SkyWatcher, and National Geographic is a great way to enjoy a summer night with the family. Just look into the telescope eyepiece, aim the lense, and prepare to be wowed by the wonders of our galaxy. You may not find alien life, but you'll be impressed by the other stuff you see.

But maybe you're more interested in the things that you can touch but can't necessarily see. Well, you're in luck because we have a microscope for that. With brands like Celestron, Digital Blue, and AmScope, you can make microscope slides right in your living room. Having a microscope in the house can make lead to tons of fun experiments. Make a slide with onion skin to show your kids what a plant cell looks like, just like you did in middle school. Ah, memories.

The best part about microscopes and telescopes is how you can customize them with accessories. Think about it — one telescope lense for every single star? That isn't going to work. You're better off getting a bunch of telescope lenses from Meade Instruments and Vixen. And how are you going to get a picture of what's underneath that microscope slide? With an AmScope camera adaptor, of course.

You don't need to use a microscope or telescope if you're looking for savings. When you shop with us, enjoy free shipping on orders over $35.