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Whether you're in your office or at home, it's more than likely that you encounter a lot of paper in your day to day life. An easy way to lose your papers is to not keep them in a binder. That's why we think it's smart for you to pick up a paper punch from brands like Sparco, Business Source, Officemate, and Roadpro. That way, you can stay organized on your own terms.

One of the great simple pleasures in life is hearing the satisfying click of a stapler binding together two pieces of paper. (Is that just us? It can't just be us.) But don't just do it for the sound — staplers will always help you out. Check out our selection of staplers, staples, and staple removers from brands like Swingline, Fiskars, and Stanley. After all, no office is complete without a heavy duty stapler. (A mini stapler is also good. So small, so cute, so efficient.)

Regular old office products not your thing? We like your style. Pick up a gold stapler form brands like Nate Berkus, Insten, and OnDisplay and show off your discerning taste to all your coworkers. We even have an electric hole punch to offer if you're about that vaguely robotic office supply life.

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