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Rice, Beans & Grains
Stocking up on rice, beans and grains? Shop! Get great prices, free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials.


No matter what you want to do with rice — from making Spanish rice as a side to preparing a huge platter of paella for a party — we've got what you need. Want something simple? Try rice pilaf from brands like Rice-A-Roni and Near East or an easy side by Uncle Ben's or Knorr. Feeling a bit more ambitious? Pick up a bag of basmati or jasmine rice and let your recipe searches run wild.


You'll never be sorry to have dry beans on hand — they last for a long time, they pack a ton of protein, and they're totally worth the (very light) work. Try black beans, pinto beans, and more from brands like Goya, Great Value, and El Mexicano for everything from a black bean and corn salad to a hearty chili. You also can't go wrong with green split peas or lentils from brands like Bob's Red Mill and Jiva Organics, so be sure to check those out too. (Moong dal all day.)

But our selection doesn't stop there. We've got tons of different grains , from barley and farro to bulgur wheat and amaranth. (Speaking of bulgur: Look up a recipe for a dish called bazargan. Trust us.) Feeling fancy? Get some couscous from brands like Roland and Osem. Looking for a healthy, versatile alternative to other sides? Go with quinoa from Carrington Farms, Nature's Earthly Choice, or Royal.

And by the way: We also have tons of organic options for all this! TruRoots, Ancient Harvest, Arrowhead Mills — the list of organic brands goes on and on. So don't worry, because you'll always find ways to stock the pantry in style.