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Cat Toys
Does your cat need something new to play with? Shop cat toys at and get everything from cat toy classics to interactive cat toys!

Interactive Cat Toys

Look, we've got to preface this by saying your cat didn't tell us to say this, but your cat definitely needs the best cat supplies, specifically the best cat toys. It's more than just a matter of entertaining the humans; cat toys enrich the feline lives that enrich our own. (Awwwww.) And if you've ever broken out a cat laser toy near the end of a party, you know what we mean. A cat toy doesn't just mean toys for cats — in the case of a cat laser toy, it means entertainment for pretty much everyone.

Of course, the best cat toys are more than just entertaining. There are studies that show cat toys, specifically interactive cat toys like a robot cat toy, are actually healthy for your cat! Don't just stick Fluffy in front of a cat toy app all day — get him interactive cat toys sure to entertain him for hours, such as a Cats Meow toy, robot cat toy, or a remote control cat toy. Because honestly, doesn't your cat deserve the best cat toys? Spoiler alert: He does.

Looking for the best cat toys for indoor cats? Take a look at some of the best cat toys loved by cat behaviorists such as a robot cat toy or a selection from Jackson Galaxy cat toys. After all, much like humans, an cat occupied with cool cat toys is often a well-behaved cat. And don't let the name fool you — Fat Cat toys aren't just for tubby tabbies. They're great cat toys filled with catnip that any cat would love.

Whether you're looking for an old-fashioned cat toy, interactive cat toys, or even a robot cat toy, you've come to the right place. Because with our free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, including tons of top-quality pet supplies, getting the cat toy of your cat's dreams has never been easier.