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Bird Supplies
Looking to save on supplies for your feathered friend? Shop for the best deals on bird food, treats, toys, cages, and accessories!

Bird Food

Save on the best bird food with nutritious blends of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains from brands like Kaytee, ZuPreem, and Harrison's bird food. (You can even feed the birds in your yard with wild bird food!) Get scrumptious bird treats from Sun Seed, Lafeber, and Higgins Premium Pet Food for training purposes — or to just give them a little gift.

Bird Health Supplies

We've also got health supplies from medication to stimulating objects for your pet like ladders, bird nesters, and bird bath supplies. With our selection of bird supplies for your parrot, parakeet, canary, cockatiel, and more, you can keep your small and large birds strong and healthy.

Give your bird some swanky digs with large bird cages in vintage and antique styles from Avian Adventures, A & E Cage Company, and Prevue Pet Products. With our bird feeding and watering supplies plus boredom-busting toys from brands like Rosewood Pet, Bonka Bird Toys, and Caitec, your pet will be living in style. Thinking of getting chickens? Try a coop from Boomer & George or a barn from New Age Pet, and don't forget the mesh so your chickens can come home to roost.

Birds are better than humans at a few things, like singing, growing feathers — but mostly, flying. (For further proof, see: skydiving). But there are a few things we're definitely better than birds at doing, like 24/7 customer service and free shipping over $35.