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Cat Beds & Furniture
Help your kitties get comfortable with cat beds and furniture from! Get cat trees, a cat scratching post, and more cat furniture.

We've been there. “Why does my cat sleep on my bed... and why didn't I buy any cat furniture,” you mutter to yourself every night, adjusting yourself into a teeny-tiny corner while that 7-pound moocher takes up 80% of the space. (What? Like you're going to disturb that little angel?) And the answer is simple: because it's the softest, warmest place in the house. And because he looooves you. And because you don't have any cat trees.

Cat Trees

So, in your blurry, sleep-deprived eyes, you've come here to find the right heated cat bed, cat hammock bed or cat bunk beds for the furriest members of your family. Well done! Some might think cat beds are the first step to becoming a crazy cat person, but the professionals will tell you that getting the right cat supplies, including cozy cat furniture, a cat scratching post, and cat trees, is the first step to having a happy, easy cat.

Cat Beds

They say that, much like human teenagers, cats sleep about 20 hours per day. (We're jealous.) But any cat owner knows those four waking hours can be a little destructive without the right distractions, such as a cat climbing tree, cat jungle gym, or good cat scratchers. The right cat climbing tower can be an all-in-one, serving as a cat scratching post, cat tower, and cat beds. Some even come with a cat canopy bed, which sounds super fun to us.

Maybe you've got a teeny-tiny kitten who just needs to live in a pink cat bed because it makes for Instagram gold. Or maybe those rambunctious stray cats have outgrown their outdoor cat bed you got them years ago and want to come inside to hang out in indoor cat trees and use an indoor cat scratching post instead of the trees in your backyard. Or maybe you're someone who thinks all furniture should be cat furniture and wants to give your elderly cats an extra-fancy cat tower. Well, we're ready with the right color cat beds, cat post, and cat stairs for bed access you need for your specific feline situation.

So, apologies if you got here by searching “cat tower” when you really meant “Cat Power” and were hoping to find out more about classic American indie rock instead of fancy cat beds. It's a common mistake, but we hoped you learned something, like how you can get free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of essentials, including tons of pet supplies from top brands. So get that cat tower, cat scratching post, and other cat furniture delivered to your door in a cardboard box that doubles as a bonus cat bed. And don't worry, because we won't tell anyone if you're currently singing “Sea of Love” to Fluffy. It's a great song, and he's a great cat.