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Cat Training & Behavior Aids
Got cat behavior problems? Shop! Keep your cats in line with cat training and behavior aids like cat repellent and calming spray.

Cat Training

So, we're doing to dispel a myth right away here: Yes, cat behavior can change. It's true. It's not only possible to learn how to train cats without going to lion-tamer school, but it's easy to alter cat behavior with the right cat training tools. Even if you feel like you've got a natural cat repellent vibe about you, the tools you need to learn how to train cats are available right here.

Cat Calming

If you've always thought those people who knew how to calm a hyper cat with basic cat training were magicians of some sort, we're here with the cat calming collar, cat calming spray, and other supplies that will make your cat feel safe, comfortable, and truly happy. Pheromones work for more than just humans, and items like Feliway or a Sentry calming cat collar will release ones that tells your cat she's safe and can relax.

Is your cat tearing up your furniture? We'll let you in on a little secret: The experts say that when it comes to food, sleep, and scratching, standard cat behavior says a cat will always focus on the best, most satisfying option they have. And if you don't have a cat scratching tower that's better than your couch, you can imagine your kitty will go for the next-best choice! So pick up a cat scratch tower, and make sure it's either heavy or sturdy enough for the cat to scratch confidently. Pick up a few ways to adhere it to a floor or wall, and it might seem like your couch was coated in cat repellent.

Are cats getting into your garden? We've also got good natural cat repellent options (other than dogs, of course). It's a bit harder to learn how to train cats when they aren't actually in your home, so pick up some natural cat repellent or cat repellant spray and keep those neighborhood cats where you want them. Also, don't plant catnip if you don't want some crazy cat behavior in your garden… but then again, it's like built-in entertainment in your backyard, so we'll leave that up to you.

Already have a pretty well-behaved cat who might just have some litter box issues? We've got the cat litter deodorizer you need for that, too. Litter box issues are an oft-overlooked part of cat behavior and cat training, since a stinky litter box might as well be filled with cat repellent. From cat deodorizer to cat repellent and everything you need to learn how to train cats, plus tons of other cat supplies like food and toys, we've got everything a cat owner could need. And with our free shipping over $35 with 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, Fluffy will stop wrecking your furniture in no time.