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Feeding & Watering Supplies
Take care of your cats with feeding and watering supplies from! Get everything from a cat water fountain to an automatic cat feeder.

It used to be that nobody wondered how much to feed a cat. You just set up a cat feeding station, fill it up, and let the cat eat his fill, right? Well, much like feeding humans, some things have changed since the “eat whatever you want, whenever you want” days. Once you've figured out how much dry and/or how much wet food to feed a cat, the question of which pet supplies will help you feed your cat is in order. Don't worry, because we're here to help.

Automatic Cat Feeders

You might have read a lot about how much things like an automatic cat feeder or cat water fountain will change your (and your cat's!) life. Frankly, it's true. With the right cat feeder, your mornings won't be dictated by your cat's tummy. Find the right electronic cat feeder for you, and let the machine do the work of dispensing anywhere from a few tablespoons to a few cups of food at time while you sleep in. Seriously. A combo of an automatic water fountain for cats and a timed cat feeder is a cat-ownership game-changer.

Cat Water Fountains

Once you've answered the question, “how much to feed a cat,” followed by “what should I feed my cat,” you might realize you have furry companions who thinks that every meal should be eaten as quickly as possible. In that case, you might want to look into a slow feeder for cats or a timed cat feeder. With a slow cat feed bowl, your cat won't be able to wolf down full mouthfuls of food at a time, and might actually enjoy the “puzzle” aspect of it. Pair your automatic cat feeder with an automatic cat water fountain, and you have a solution that works better for both you and your cat.

We also understand that cats are like potato chips in that it's hard to have just one. So if you have quite the clowder of kittens running around, an investment in a multi cat feeder and water fountain for cats might be the right choice for you. Are you the kind of person with a large supply of cat food and an even larger heart for the stray cats in your neighborhood? We've got the right outdoor feeding station or cat feeder for you, too. Be sure to keep your cat water fountain somewhere warm so it doesn't freeze, though! It's a good idea in general to have a warm space for your cats and their cat feeder as well. Cats love being warm. It's science.

Once you ask your vet how much to feed a cat, come to us for the cat feeder you need to dispense the right amount. With our free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, including tons of top-quality cat supplies, that new water fountain for cats, slow feed bowl for cats, or automatic cat feeder will be thrilling Fluffy and his friends (including you!) in no time.