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There are few things better in life than coming home to a wagging tail, and a great way to keep that tail wagging is with the right dog supplies — everything from dog food and treats they enjoy to toys they won’t chew through in a day. With brands like Blue Buffalo and Purina Pro Plan, it’s easy to find food that fits your dog’s dietary needs, whether that’s grain-free, a limited ingredient diet, or whatever else. Plus, tasty treats from Greenies can also help keep your dog’s teeth clean and ready for chowing down on dinner.

Got a pup who loves to play? From something soft and squeaky to a rope toy for tugging, keeping your dog happy is all about finding dog toys she won’t get tired of, and that will be enough to distract her when you leave in the morning. You also want your dog to stay active and get the exercise she needs, so make sure you get a nice harness, collapsible water bowl, and a ball for when you go play fetch in the park — just don’t forget to bring a few poop bags for good measure.

And finally, a healthy dog is a happy dog, so you’ll want to keep a few pet supplies on hand that will help her feel her best. Flea and tick protection is important even in the big city, and dog grooming supplies like pet wipes are an easy way to quickly clean her coat and feet after a walk in the rain. And if your pup is sensitive to the cold, sweaters and doggie shoes are a great way to help keep her warm in the winter months. With the right pet supplies, your dog can be ready for whatever life throws at her — especially if it’s a frisbee.

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