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Dog Houses & Carriers

Give your pup a place to relax whether you’re at home or on the road. Shop a great selection of dog houses and dog carriers here at!

Dog Houses

Large dog houses and dog houses of all sizes are like a home within a home for your furry friend. No matter that the temp is, our dog houses well help your pup stay as comfortable as possible with a heated dog house, insulated dog house, or even cool dog houses. A dog house should be as cozy as possible which is why you need to find the right size for your dog. Get a large dog house with a dog house heater so your boxer can cuddle up and and be as comfy as ever. If you’ve got a yard, we recommend an outdoor dog house, but for city dwellers, you’ll easily find your perfect indoor dog house as well. Find the best house dogs can ask for from an old fashioned wooden dog house to luxury dog houses for your extra fancy breeds (check out Boomer & George dog houses here).

Find your perfect dog house for all size dogs. You’ll be surprised how large our large dog houses will go. Your furry friend will feel like they have their own apartment! Dog houses for large dogs range in price, but here on our site, you can be sure to find the best, cheap dog houses around. A large dog house and an extra large dog house may look easy to build on your own, but before you start getting dog house ideas and buying books on how to build a dog house, remember that big dog houses are all sold right here. So put down the tools and make it easy for yourself! A dog house doesn’t have to be a project, after all. Especially a large dog house.

Dog Carries

Beyond dog houses, we offer an amazing selection of dog carriers. Find the perfect dog carrier, dog backpack carrier, dog carrier purse, and dog carrier sling in minutes! If traveling is your thing and you won’t leave home without your K9, then check out a dog carrier for a bike, motorcycle dog carrier, a small dog bag carrier, and a dog carrier for hiking. Dog carriers also come in a variety of sizes just like a dog house. Shop small dog carriers or a medium sized dog carrier. A dog carrier is such an easy way to get your tiny dogs around with the least amount of fuss! And if you’re looking for the comfiest dog carrier in town, a sherpa dog carrier comes lined with a soft fur to make your pup sleep nice and sound. You can find dog carriers in all sorts of styles!

We offer pet supplies for all types of pets, from dogs, to cats, to everything in between. And whether you’re in the market for dog houses or dog carriers, or even dog food or dog treats, you’ll find all the dog supplies you need as well - delivered straight to your doorstep.