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Horse Supplies
Looking for the best horse supplies? Don't foal around: Shop to save on horse food, grooming, blankets, sheets and other essentials!

Feeding & Watering Supplies

Whoa, there! We know proper horse care requires the best accessories, and Jet is your one-stop shop for everything equine. If you're looking for feeding and watering supplies , try slow-feed hay bags and nets for horse feed from Gatsby and Shires. For something that will last through any wear and tear, try crack-resistant feeder pans from Fortex Fortiflex, Inc. Prefer a feed bucket? Try one that's heated with a built-in thermostat from Allied Precision Industries! To keep the bucket in place, opt for a sturdy holder from SCENIC ROAD or HorZe.

Grooming & Bathing Supplies

If you're on the hunt for horse grooming supplies , we've got shampoos from brands like Mane N Tail, Charmar Land and Cattle, and Cowboy Magic. For application purposes, try a wash or scrub mitt from Equi-Essentials or Tough-1 — or if you're looking for the whole shebang, grab a complete horse grooming kit, which can include sponges, combs, curry brushes, and more!

For skin irritants, a groom spray from Shapley's should do the trick. But if your horse needs extra care, trot over to horse health supplies for supplements, powders, hoof dressing, and ointments to soothe pains and other maladies. We've also got an array of farrier supplies as well as critical stable supplies , such as mounting blocks, hay hooks, horse treats, and jolly balls.

Getting a bit nippy outside? Try horse blankets and fly sheets made of extra-soft fleece, mesh, lycra, as well as waterproof materials from brands like Evelots, Green Mountain Imports, or Barnsby so your horse stays warm, dry, and happy.