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Reptile & Amphibian Supplies
Have a pet reptile or amphibian? Shop to save on cages, terrariums , lighting kits, and more reptile supplies for your scaly friend!

Reptiles and amphibians love to laze as much as we humans do. That's why you should give them the ultimate basking lamp and mat from brands like Zoo Med and Blue Spotted, perfect for all desert reptiles that need their dose of UVA and UVB rays. Safely suspend the lamp with a lamp stand, and be sure to choose a reptile house that's strong and secure with cages and terrariums from Dunecraft, Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products, or Penn-Plax.

Reptile & Amphibian Food

While they're lamp-bathing is the perfect time to bring out some reptile food like crickets, snails, and formulas specifically designed for your lizard, gecko, iguana, and other small animals. If you have a turtle, we've got his shelled little back, too, with turtle food like pellets, freeze-dried shrimp, and more from brands like Repcal Research Labs, Wardley, and Zilla. Worried about their health? Boost your reptile's health with supplements that can help overcome parasitic or bacterial infections.

Reptile Houses

As for your pet's habitat, it should be just as stylish as your own. Adorn your reptile cages or turtle cages with terrarium bowls, substrate and bedding, or sand, or spruce them up with cork tile, mossy caves, turtle docks, and other decor from brands like GALAPAGOS and Fluker's. To make a real splash, grab a waterfall kit.

And if you need to ensure that the temperature and humidity in their new home are just right, opt for a thermometer humidity gauge or hygrometer and your little bugger will be happily relaxing in no time.