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Yoga & Studio
Can't start your day without yoga or pilates? Shop yoga and studio at! Get yoga mats, resistance bands, and more from top brands.

Yoga is a great way to get a low-impact workout and a light meditation at the same time. But it can be hard to focus on your inner peace when your outer body is aching from being smushed against the floor. So pick out an awesome yoga mat, blanket, or cushion from brands like Gaiam or Aum to make your workout serene. (Ohmmmmm.) And when the yoga class wraps up, wipe down with a yoga towel and pack everything away in a handy mat bag.

Most yoga exercises can be done with nothing more than your own body. But for a more advanced workout, there are some special yoga accessories you'll need. For a really deep stretch, a quality foam block and a yoga strap can help a ton. Or, if you want to kick things up a notch, some resistance bands can give your workout some extra oomph. (Just be careful of snap back, since they're basically giant rubber bands.)

For our pilates enthusiast, we've got you covered too. With our kick-butt selection of toning rings, reformers, and accessories, you'll have everything you need to be a pilates pro. No matter what your workout regimen, to maximize your potential, there's some handy gear you should pick up. And with our selection of yoga accessories like grippy gloves, back stretchers, and wedges, you'll be ready to bend into any position. (And they'll call you “The Human Pretzel.”)

Yoga is all about improving your mind, body, and spirit. And with our affordable prices and free shipping over $35, your wallet will achieve inner peace too.