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Resistance Bands

Take your yoga practice up a notch with resistance bands and fitness bands from! Increase your strength, build flexibility and more.

Fitness Bands

Ready to jump your yoga game from beginner to intermediate level? Add resistance to your yoga poses with exercise bands. We've got light, medium, and heavy resistance bands from name brands like Yoga Direct, PowerMax, and Stott Pilates. Start resistance band training with any fitness bands from our resistant band assortment, and your muscles will grow stronger and more flexible — making yoga a walk in the park. (Or maybe, just a little bit easier.)

Exercise Bands

Using workout bands to enhance your yoga poses makes it harder to balance and strengthens muscles. And you can use them for yoga or your own resistance band exercises. These exercise resistance bands are no joke — they work muscles just as hard as heavy weights. Sharper Image makes resistance bands for the upper body, and Coolingup Fitness resistance loop bands are great exercise bands for the ankles, calves, and knees. ProSource offers fitness bands in packs of three, and Black Mountain resistance bands are sold individually or in packs of six exercise bands for small classes.

For the advanced yogi, try any of our tougher resistance bands for your Warrior 3 or Half Moon poses. (A 15-lb resistance band makes an easy pose not so easy.) Or incorporate resistance band exercises outside of yoga? For those only slightly familiar with resistance band exercises but used Theraband exercise bands in last week's yoga class, you'll love our selection. We've got the best resistance bands for yoga, pilates, and any other sport. And speaking of other sports: Check out the rest of our sporting goods selection to find much more than resistance bands.

Anyway, back to yoga. If you're on a budget and typically do your resistance band workouts or yoga at home, splurge a little on the equipment in our Yoga & Studio section — whether it's Theraband or GoFit resistance bands, yoga blankets, or accessories. Saving some cash and getting in shape with fitness bands sounds like a good idea to us. Oh, and when you shop for resistance bands or anything else with us, you get free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days. It's the least we can do for amazingly athletic shoppers like you.