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Yoga Blankets & Cushions

Want a new meditation pillow or Mexican blanket for yoga? has you covered! Shop yoga blankets and cushions for all your yoga needs.

Mexican Blankets

Did you know a traditional Mexican blanket can help with yoga poses? Sounds a little weird, but it's true. Mexican blankets are the best yoga props around, and we've got you covered with a great yoga blanket and yoga cushion selection from brands like Hugger Mugger, Yoga Direct, and more. And this isn't some big Mexican yoga secret. Mexican blankets are the best yoga blankets to used as a meditation pillow. Yup, a meditation pillow, meditation chair, you name it.

Meditation Cushions

If you're feeling a little stiff, using a Mexican woven blanket for certain stretches will help alleviate pain. Or you could fold your yoga blanket and use it as a meditation pillow during savasana. (We don't know what savasana is, but you had us at meditation pillow.) A Mexican blanket is one of the many yoga suppliesall yogis use — amaetuer or professional — and we've got tons of them. Tons of those and any other sporting goods you can imagine.

Looking for a meditation chair or a few quality Mexican yoga blankets to round out the collection at your studio? Or maybe it's an organic yoga blanket you need? Our meditation bench and Mexican blanket selection offers a wide variety of colors and patterns for every studio owner's style. (You know, not all yoga teachers need yoga cushions or yoga blankets wholesale.) Give up on yoga after just one class? No problem. An Open Road Goods Mexican Yoga Blanket doubles as a great picnic blanket or home decor piece.

But really, you should give yoga and all yoga blankets a second chance. If your back hurts from sitting on the floor, a Black Mountain Yoga Cushion provides back support as a meditation chair. And yoga blankets can assist with tough poses like pigeon and camel pose. If you still need help, check out our foam blocks and resistance bands, plus tons of other great yoga products in our Yoga & Studio section. On top of that, we also offer free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days. So go ahead and click through the pretty Mexican blankets that make yoga doable for everyone and go get ‘em in the studio.