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Martial Arts
Be a black belt in martial arts equipment with! Get top-quality MMA and karate gear, from training pads to sparring gear and beyond.

Whether you're looking to learn self-defense or just want a fun new way to workout, martial arts training is a great way get into top shape. And with our awesome selection of durable MMA gear, like training pads, grapple bags, and floor mats, you can go all out. And with other martial arts supplies like breakable boards, training weapons, and padded gloves, you can practice all different types of martial arts with ease. (Putting the “mixed” back into mixed martial arts.)

Martial arts are a great workout, but they're also pretty intense. (Just like any exercise where you might get punched in the face.) But with the right protective gear, you can keep the training sessions going without getting hurt. And our selection of top-quality sparring gear, padded masks, shin guards, and hand wraps, you'll be able to take a hit without cutting your session short. (And for the male martial artists, may we recommend one of our padded jockstraps?)

Just like any sport, it pays to have the right uniform. (That's why you never see Conor McGregor fighting in a sweater.) So start looking the part with some of our awesome martial arts apparel like karate gis, fight shorts, training pants, martial arts shoes, rash guards and more. And for when you move up in the ranks, we've got a killer selection of martial arts belts and belt racks to show off your progress.

Don't let shopping for martial arts gear kick your butt. With our free shipping over $35 and 24/7 customer service, this is one fight you're guaranteed to win. (Judges ruling — no contest!)