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When it comes to fast-paced racquet sports, squash is a solid contender for the top spot. Sure, tennis is more popular and racquetball may be easier to pick up, but if you're looking for a rewarding challenge and a great cardio workout, it's time to learn how to play squash.  And whether you're just learning the squash rules or you're a veteran, with our awesome selection of squash gear, you'll be running house on the squash court in no time.

When it comes to racquet sports, a good first piece of equipment to buy is the racquet. (That or a frying pan, but most courts won't let you on with one.) Pro shops will charge you an arm and a leg for a quality racquet (which can make playing pretty tough.) But with professional-grade squash racquets from brands like Dunlop, you can play with quality gear and keep all your appendages.

Next you'll need to get some squash balls. (Or you could just swing your new racquet around aimlessly, but that might make people worried.) So check out our selection of game-quality squash balls from brands like Prince and Harrow. And to keep your eyes protected from all the balls and racquets zipping through the air, a pair of goggles from ZeroUV are a good idea. (If seeing things is important to you.)

Squash may be seen as a sport for the country club set, but with our affordable prices on squash gear and free shipping over $35, everyone can enjoy the feeling spiking a hard rubber ball against a wall.