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Balance Trainers
Build your balance, leg strength, and core strength with balance trainers from! Shop balance boards, balance discs, and much more.

In a topsy-turvy world, it's important to keep your balance, both mentally AND physically. After all, the two are very much linked, so consider a balance board an important tool for mind and body. With mastery of a balance board comes strength and discipline, and if you master a big enough balance trainer ball, an impressive party trick. (Seriously, jump on a balance trainer ball in the middle of a party, keep upright, and see how many high fives you get!) And because balance boards are easy to store, there really is no downside to jumping on the exercise balance board bandwagon (say that five times fast).

Balance Trainers

There are several approaches to balance trainer workouts. The balance trainer half ball offers up all kinds of balance boards workout options in the comfort of wherever you have a small corner to train. One our favorites is the Bosu balance trainer, which is as effective as it is convenient. The Bosu balance trainer Home Version is half balance ball, half balance board, and it comes with an instructional balance trainer DVD that'll show you how to make the most of your versatile new Bosu balance trainer (and really, any other balance trainer). A Bosu pro balance trainer also comes with a foot pump and owner's manual, so you don't need a TV to get a total Bosu balance ball workout.

Beyond the Bosu balance trainer, another great balance trainer option is the balance disc. A balance disc is a flat, slightly wobbly balance trainer that is great for easy balance development or increasing the difficulty of your aerobics workouts. Plus, a balance disc is easy to store — you'd hardly notice the Trademark Innovations Wobble Balance Board Trainer in a room (not that you'd want to hide your balance boards — remember what we said about balance board party tricks?). With the right balance disc and balance disc exercises, you'll work your core muscles and strengthen your legs with minimal movement. The balance board is one of the simplest — but most effective — training and recovery products you can get.

Working out can be a hassle, s why not get stronger by just standing there? With balance boards and the right balance disc, you'll be on the road to better balance and core strength in no time. Plus, with our free shipping over $35, you'll have no problem balancing your shopping — so check out the rest of our sporting goods selection while you're here, too.') taste in your mouth.