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Exercise Balls
There's nothing like an exercise ball to build stability and balance. Shop exercise balls at and make your core stronger than ever!

Exercise Ball Chairs

People are always looking for an edge at the gym, and no one wouldn't want to get in shape while sitting at the office. Good news! Our wide fitness ball selection includes stability ball, yoga ball, medicine ball and exercise ball chair options will help make that dream a reality. The right exercise ball will allow you to improve your workouts, while the exercise ball chair can give you a boost in getting a bit more fit when you're just sitting around. Imagine that: an exercise ball workout without much working out! Yeah, the exercise ball chair is pretty much a miracle on the Sporting Goods page.

For a classic exercise ball, check out the Sunny Healthy & Fit Anti-Burst Exercise Ball. With high-quality material, you can get do exercise ball workouts with complete confidence. And There are all kinds of exercise ball exercises, with the exercise ball core workout routine one of the most popular exercises for exercise ball varieties practiced by pro athletes and trainers. Workouts with exercise ball include angled situps and pushups, as well as back stretches, squats, and weight presses. Medicine ball exercises utilize another great workout ball, and are really great for building strength. We know that medicine ball exercises vary, so ours come in all different weights — this Nordictrack Medicine Ball is 6-to-8 pounds, while others can get up to 40 lbs, enabling those different medicine ball exercises.

Stability balls

Crunches are especially great stability ball ab exercises, and because it's fun, you don't realize just how deep and effective the exercises with ball routine works. And it's not just about looking good. A stability ball makes it easy to do stability ball exercises that help you achieve better balance, as does the yoga ball. Of course, a yoga ball can also help in building muscle, depending on how you stretch on it; yoga balls make anything possible. The exercise ball chair also helps build that core — it's basically a stability ball with a back, so you can do balance ball exercises while typing and making phone calls. Believe us, everyone will be jealous of your exercise ball chair (but don't stand up for them, it'll interrupt your exercise ball office chair workout).

The exercise ball looks like a lot of fun — and it is! But the yoga ball and stability ball are also great tools for serious fitness fanatics. They're key Sports and Recovery products, and with free shipping over $35, you'll have a ball shopping!