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Massage Therapy
Love getting massages? Work the tension out of your muscles with massage therapy essentials from! Shop massage balls and much more.

Electronic Massager

Here's a bad irony: When you're injured and need massages, it's too painful to go out and get it. And when you don't feel hurt, splashing out on massage therapy doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But the solution to this conundrum is easy: home massage products! We've got everything you need for massages at home, from full-body electric massager machines to handheld back massager options galore.

Tools for massages don't have to be complicated to be effective. Take the PharMeDoc Muscle Roller, a handheld back massager that allows you to loosen up stiff muscles all over your body with just a simple rolling motion. You can carry the handheld back massager with you anywhere you go, making for easy and portable massage therapy. If you're looking for something that can cover a lot of body at once, you'll love the Stamina BackTrac, which is basically a bed of strategically placed massage balls, that allows you to give massages to your upper, central and lower back at once.

For something a bit more high tech, look no further than electronic massager and stem machine products. An electric back massager delivers vibration and to help loosen up muscles, and a home foot massager like the GoFit Recovery Massage Roller offers soothing relief on impact. Meanwhile, the Akonza Crazy Fit does the normal electric massager one better by allowing you to work out while getting massages. The only thing better would be an electric massager that also did the exercise for you.

We do have to give a tech shout out to the electronic pulse massager. A stem machine delivers deep massage therapy relief without the obvious vibration and self-care effort. A stem machine may not seem immediately effective, but it can help make a huge difference. And a stem machine doesn't have to take up a lot of room, either. Just like a handheld back massager, a pulse massager is easy to use and store. So, you know, you don't hurt yourself while setting up your massage therapy. You'll be feeling relaxed in no time, and with free shipping over $35, you can loosen up and go shopping for all kinds of other training and recovery products, plus tons of other sporting goods.