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Shaker Bottles
Want to take your training to the next level with a blender bottle? Shop shaker bottles at and make your protein shakes on the go!

Exercising is just part of the fitness equation. OK, it's a big part of it — just look at how much we've got on our Training & Recovery page — but just as important is a healthy diet and nutrition. With a shaker bottle, it's easy to make nutrient-filled drinks and take them on the go, and the best protein shaker bottle is easy to clean, too. The point of the protein shaker bottle is convenience, and we've got the best, most convenient protein shaker stock around! Just take a look at the Contingo Bottle, with its rounded bottom — a blender bottle just as easy to clean as it is to shake!

Protein Shaker Bottles

Working out requires a lot of protein. Now, you could scarf down chicken breasts and beef jerky, but filling up a protein shaker bottle is a lot easier. With a protein shaker, you can mix some delicious protein powder they have chocolate now!) in a blender bottle on the go. Take your protein shake bottle (or protein shaker bottles!) with you to the gym and start pumping iron. Then fill up the protein shaker bottle with your post-exercise nutrition and chug down all that protein shaker-made goodness. Then just toss your blender bottle back in your bag and go on with your day.

Of course, you don't have to be going right to the gym to mix up something good in your blender bottles. The BlenderBottle Classic is one of the most versatile and best shaker bottle models around thanks to its innovative shaker ball. With a stainless steel shaker bottle ball, you'll make quick work of all the mixes you could think to put in blender bottles. Whisk nutrient powders into milk or water in your shaker bottle (including glass shaker bottle) and enjoy.

Whether you want to get shape or just stay healthy, diet comes first. And with blender bottles, you can make that first step with just a few shakes. Yes, that had a double meaning — protein shakers allow you to make sweet, healthy meals and supplements real fast. Protein bottle brands and blender bottles are smart, convenient way to get your health going this year. And with free shipping over $35, you don't have to worry about buying a sub-par shaker bottle wholesale — so why not check out the rest of our sporting goods selection while you're here, too?