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Training Apparel
Want hot new workout clothes to wear at the gym? Shop training apparel at! Get gym shoes, sports bras, compression tops, and more.

A good workout feels great, but only if you have the right clothes. (Ever do pilates in skinny jeans? Bad idea.) Get outfitted for fitness with our selection of the best workout clothes for women and men. With a wide selection of compression shorts, tops, sleeves, and sports bras from top brands like Under Armour and Nike, you can hit the gym and feel as good as you look. (And in these hot new yoga clothes, you'll be looking amazing.)

When it comes to improving your workout, there is really only one piece of clothing that'll make a big difference — sneakers. A good pair of cross trainers or running shoes can help you train harder for longer, and with less wear-and-tear. (Both to you and the shoes.) And with our selection of quality cross trainers and socks from brands like Mizuno and Adidas, you'll be working out but your feet will be on vacation.

Exercise can be sweaty work. (In fact, it's kind of the whole point.) That said, it can be kind of distracting on the treadmill or during a tough yoga pose when beads of sweat keep dripping into your eyes. So stop the stream in its tracks with some handy sweatbands and wristbands. And for some serious drying support, a sport towel can work wonders. Especially for wiping down the machines when you're done. (Which, come on, wipe it down. Don't be gross.)

Stop sweating over finding training apparel on the cheap. With our affordable prices on gym clothes and free shipping over $35, you can get everything you need to start working out like a pro.