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Mat Bags

Take your yoga mat to go with a yoga mat bag from! A carry strap isn't always enough, so make sure you're covered no matter what.

Yoga Mat Bags

Lugging a yoga mat can be pretty difficult with an awkward shape and sometimes bulky weight. So, why not invest in a yoga mat bag? A yoga mat tote bag is the best way to keep your precious yoga gear clean and free from the dust lurking in your closet. We've got you covered with yoga mat bags from well-known brands like Gaiam, prAna, Lotus, and more. So, if all the work out bags you've ever owned are more like a typical gym bag, it's time to check out our yoga bag selection specifically designed to carry yoga mats.

Workout Bags

Getting ready for yoga class isn't that hard since all you need is an outfit and your yoga mat. It's figuring how to carry all the stuff and one of your yoga mats in a gym bag that makes preparing for class a pain! Good thing we've got yoga bags with outside pockets to hold all your essentials. Natural Fitness YOGO PRO Yoga Mat Bags hold yoga mats, keys, a resistance band, and a change of clothes. And if you need to change clothes after class, the prAna Steadfast Yoga Bag has grommet ventilation to manage odor. (So what if you get a little stinky, at least you're prepared with the right yoga gym bag.)

Since finding inner peace on yoga mats is all part of the experience, don't waste money on cheap yoga mats and bags. Your mind, body, and soul deserve a top-notch yoga mat and yoga bag, whether it's a gym bag with yoga mat holder straps or a simple sling. Looking for foam blocks, yoga blankets, or any other accessories to help you raise your yoga game? Check out the selection in our Yoga & Studio section.

We're pretty sure you'll find some good yoga mat bags here from your “cute gym bags” search. (You should see our Sporting Goods assortment, too. It's pretty impressive.) So get rid of that ratty old gym bag and shop our yoga mat bag selection. With our free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, inner peace will be closer than ever.