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Pilates Reformers

Looking for Pilates equipment you can use at home? Check out the Pilates reformer selection at and get ready for a stronger core!

Pilates Equipment

Take a few classes where pilates reformer exercises are taught on the mat? If you thought reformed pilates was fun, invest in a reformer pilates machine for your home. We've got you covered with awesome pilates equipment from brands like Stamina AeroPilates, Bayou Fitness, and more. If a pilates machine seems like a big purchase, think of it as your very own personal trainer — only it's a reformed pilates contraption. You'll be looking so svelte, “new reformer pilates, who dis” might be your new mantra.

If building core strength and longer muscles is your goal, a MERRITHEW At Home Pilates Reformer might be what you need. Trust us, the pilates reformer benefits are endless. But if a pilates machine isn't for you, we've got tons of pilates equipment too. (You won't even miss that pilates reformer you never bought.) Because once you start buying the accessories used in pilates reformer classes, it's kind of hard to stop. We've got pilates rings in our Yoga & Studio assortment, just so you know.

Our pilates reformer selection offers pilates reformers with adjustable ropes, straps, and hand grips for all sorts of exercises. On top of that, we've got reformer pilates machines for all shapes, sizes, and intensity levels. The MERRITHEW pilates reformer suggests over 250 exercises, and Stamina Products offers a pilates machine that promises a smooth balanced body reformer workout. If a pilates machine looks scary, don't knock it until you try it. (Search “pilates reformer video” on YouTube. You'll see, it's not so bad.)

Listen, everyone wants six-pack abs whether it's with Lotus Portable Pilates Studio Pilates Equipment or not. There are many ways to achieve that, but any of our reformed pilates machines will definitely speed up the process. Just think — a few reformer pilates workouts will be so worth it, your friend who takes reformed pilates classes will start asking “what's your reformer pilates secret”? Or start looking for a pilates reformer for sale. In which case, could you send that friend to us? Tell them we offer free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, plus an awesome selection of other sporting goods to go with our Pilates equipment.