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Pilates Toning Rings

Pilates Toning Rings

Looking for Pilates equipment to use at home or on the go? Get a Pilates toning ring at and enjoy the perfect amount of resistance.

What strengthens your body, is lightweight, and has no corners or sharp edges? A Pilates ring, of course. Now that you've conquered your sun salutation, upward dog, and tree yoga poses, branch out and try some Pilates. A Pilates ring, or yoga ring as some call it, will help you tone your abs, legs, butt, arms, and back. We've got you covered with plenty Pilates rings from great brands like Stott Pilates, Stamina Products, Black Mountain Products and more.

Feel like you've achieved those svelte yoga arms, but want to tighten other areas? Why do you think some teachers call it an abs tone ring? Our Pilates ring assortment, and other Pilates equipment, can be used for tons of pilates ring exercises that target your abs — we're talking V-sit hold, tabletop control, and many others. Did we mention this wonderful abs tone ring is lightweight and portable? So if you're looking to sneak a pilates ring workout on your lunch break, stuffing a yoga ring it in your gym bag is no problem.

Pilates Equipment

Not super into Pilates, but still think your workouts could use some extra resistance? Easy. Incorporate Pilates equipment and Pilates ring exercises into your regular routine without actually doing Pilates. Check out the Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Pro for a yoga ring made out of springy steel, or the Calm Magic Circle Pilates Ring for a softer, rubber material. We've literally got Pilates equipment for all shapes, sizes, and ages. And with no sharp edges, it's safe to leave your yoga ring around a house with pets or babies.

So listen: If you're looking to increase your strength and agility, an abs tone ring will help big time. (Abs tone ring, yoga ring, Pilates ring, whatever you want to call it.) And if you need more gear like Pilates equipment, check out our Yoga & Studio section for yoga straps, resistance bands, and much more. So basically, we're your one-stop shop for the stuff you need to knock out your Pilates ring exercises, plus tons of other sporting goods. We also offer free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days — so if it turns out that Pilates ring exercises aren't for you, don't sweat it.