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Yoga Towels

Don't let sweat on your yoga mat get in the way of a perfect cobra pose or sun salutation. Shop yoga towels and yoga mat towels at!

Yoga Mats

You've got your Lululemon yoga mat, now all you need is to shop for the cute yoga accessories that go with it — an outfit, a water bottle, and a yoga towel, of course. You know that thing that goes on top of your yoga mat, so you don't get all slippy and slidy while you're in downward dog? We've got the best yoga towel selection from Gaiam, Kurma Yoga, and Maduka that include towels the length of your yoga mat. (And smaller-sized yoga towels to wipe your sweaty face and hands.) Slip-free is key when you're moving through a Vinyasa flow.

Prefer hot yoga to a regular yoga class? Don't go into a hot yoga towel-free. You'll most definitely need a Bintiva yoga towel with grip. That Manduka yoga mat won't do much for you without a yoga towel on top to keep you from sliding. So, if you're looking for something quick drying and slip free to assist you in nailing that tree pose, you've hit the yoga towel mat jackpot. You know what's also great about a yoga towel? It keeps your practice safe, making a head stand pose possible for even a yoga novice. If you're not a Manduka yoga mat owner and use the yoga mats at the studio, our Perfect Fitness or YogaRat yoga towel keeps your sweat off their yoga mats too. (Hygienic crisis averted.)

Beyond our awesome assortment of yoga mats, check out ourYoga & Studio page to find foam blocks and resistance bands. (We've got tons of other sporting goods, too.) Oh, and that yoga mat holder you need to throw a Manduka yoga mat or Lululemon yoga mat over your shoulder.

As your yoga teacher tells you, leave everything outside the studio and bring your best practice to the yoga mat, whether it's a Manduka yoga mat, Lululemon yoga mat, or anything else from the wide world of yoga mats. But don't forget to come to class with the best yoga towel, blanket, and leggings. We can help with accessories and free shipping over $35, but the rest is to you. (Can we get an “om”en? Too much? Eh?)