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Hardware Adhesives & Sealers
When you need a little help holding things together, can help. Save on duct tape, glue, and more top hardware adhesives and sealers!

When you're looking for the right tape for your project, you know that not any old masking tape will do. You need the very best, so check out our super-sticky offerings from brands like Duck, Scotch, and Gorilla Glue — yes, they also make tape. We've also got great electrical tape from brands like GE, 3M, and Nashua if you're really not messing around. And don't forget that duct tape can do basically anything, up to and including sealing shut space shuttles.

Or maybe epoxies and super glue are your game, in which case you're sure to find something you can use from brands like J-B Weld, Krazy Glue, and Loctite. Because remember: Not every sticky situation is necessarily a bad thing. (Ha.) Unless you glue your hand to your foot, which would admittedly be very bad. (Not ha.)

Updating your bathroom? The project's not complete until you've got the right sealers, silicone adhesives, and caulk applied and dried — you really need to seal the deal. Working with wood and need a helping hand? Check out our selection of wood fill products from brands like Bona and Minwax, plus Franklin, Polytuff Spas, and Elmer's wood glue. We've also got bandages and tweezers, but hey, let's try to think positive thoughts here.

So whether you want classic X30 contact cement for scrapbooking or you finally ran out of that heavy-duty tape you bought back in college, we've got you covered! With our free shipping over $35, 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, and 24/7 customer service, you'll definitely want to stick with us for all your adhesive and sealing needs.