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Home Heating & Cooling
Stay comfortable in any weather with! Get great savings on everything from a super-handy space heater to a programmable thermostat.

For too many people, life is one long struggle to find the right temperature. Your office is freezing, and your bedroom's too hot — so you put a heater under your desk, and blast a portable fan right at your face when you sleep. But is that really how you want to live? You can't really do too much about your office besides buying a portable heater, but you can definitely take more control at home. So let's see what we can do to get that temperature right.

Cold weather coming up? Check out electric heaters from brands like King Electric and Comfort Zone or a propane heater from ProCom or Mr. Heater. We've also got furnace parts and accessories like Rheem or Flanders filters to keep everyone breathing easy while you're heating things up. Speaking of circulation, don't forget about ducting supplies from brands like Broan and Dundas Jafine, and pick up some HVAC controls too.

A good thermostat is also a temperature-control essential. We've got great options from brands like Honeywell, Lux, and Nest. Hey, keeping cool is important — why shouldn't your system be smart? You might also want to get good-looking registers, grilles, and vents so your heating and cooling choices look stylish, too. Check out beauties from brands like Decor Grates or Imperial to match any decor.

Finally, we also have weatherproofing supplies to make sure the atmosphere at home stays however you want it to, no matter what's happening outside. And with our free shipping over $35, 24/7 customer service, and free returns with 30 days, shopping home heating and cooling with us will always be a breeze.