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Novelty & Gag Toys
Looking for gag gifts or novelty items? Let be your new novelty store! With our great selection, you'll be yukking it up in no time.

It's better to give than to receive — especially when it comes to funny gag gifts. We've got all the classic gag toys & practical jokes: fart whistles, fake dog doo, and those ice cubes that look like they have bugs frozen inside of them (those always trick us). With a prank kit armed with those gags and some novelty games, you'll be the life of the party… at least to everyone that's not being tricked.

Want something more subtle? Check out some spy gadgets. Our spy kits, from experts at Spy Gear and SpyX, will make you a prank machine. Or if you want to amaze them, you'll need magic kits & accessories to keep them guessing. Spring for a magic set from leading conjurers of fun like Fantasma Toys, and stay strong when they yell “how'd you do that?!”

Novelties aren't just about tricking friends — you can also delight them with silly gifts like toy balls, magnets and magnetic toys, miniatures, or slime and putty toys. And you really can't go wrong with nesting dolls or wind-up toys made by brands such as Schylling and Z Wind Ups. People of all ages will love these fun gifts, and they make for great birthday gifts, too. And you'll save cash, which you can smile as you deposit in one of our silly money banks.

Sometimes it's the little things that we cherish most. If you're looking for funny birthday gifts or just want to amuse yourself, look no further than With great savings, free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, you'll feel seriously good about all your fun new purchases.