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Fresh Food

Want to do your food shopping online instead of going to the store? Shop today and have the best online grocery shopping experience!

If you want to do some online food shopping, you’re in the right place — we’re one of the best online food shopping sites out there. Because who doesn’t like to order groceries online? It’s easy, fast, and our fruits and vegetables are always fresh so you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching a moldy peach. (Hey, it happens.) Speaking of peaches, when you buy groceries online with us, you’re getting the best online grocery selection of fresh produce like potatoes, tomatoes, or cantaloupe. So do your grocery shopping online and let our professional online grocery store melon-thumpers thump on melons for you. Everyone knows that’s how you pick the best melon, but nobody likes doing it.

But maybe produce isn’t your thing, and you’d be more into online food shopping for protein. We’re the best online grocery shopping place to get your meat and seafood online groceries, and also for doing your online food shopping for dairy and eggs. (Breakfast is important.) And whether you want to get your Chobani yogurt groceries online or grocery shop online for some nice Hormel bacon, we’re like someone put a million little online grocery stores together and made one big grocery store online — our grocery online selection is just that good. Ordering groceries online and buying groceries online have never been more convenient. Or more purple.

So far, we’ve only gone into food shopping online for real fresh stuff, but what about the people who want to do online grocery shopping and not cook? We feel you, and that’s why we’ve got tons of snack food groceries online and beverage groceries online, because we care. If you’re used to grocery coupons online, we’ve also got awesome promo codes that work just like online grocery coupons, except they’re even easier. And in case you want to do your food shopping online and your best friend is also a microwave, we’ve got canned and dry goods as well. Our best friend isn’t a microwave, but sometimes he magically boils water for us. And makes popcorn. On second thought, our best friend may be a microwave.

Whether you want to call it “food online shopping” or “online grocery shopping” (or just plain “shopping,” as all the young people are saying these days), the fact is you can now order groceries online and buy groceries online like a pro. And remember, whenever you order groceries online, it means you’re also getting online grocery delivery straight to your door. No way, right? When you do your online grocery shopping with us, you’re not just getting the best online grocery shopping experience ever: You’re getting free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, too. With that in mind, why would you buy groceries online somewhere else when you have an online grocery shopping and delivery service right here?