10in x 3in (254mm x 76.2mm) Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker

Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker Description: This sticker is 10 inches wide by 3 inches tall and has the words, CELL PHONE USE PROHIBITED BEYOND THIS POINT, in bold, white letters on a black background. This quality-made product is durable and easily visible, making it ideal for use in nearly any setting. Premium Stickers: StickerTalk stickers are made to the highest standards. Your Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker is made using only name brand materials. We start with solvent based inks that are scratch resistant, UV resistant and waterproof. We print that ink onto high quality vinyl that utilizes a special air release technology. This amazing tech incorporates micro channels into the adhesive of the sticker to allow you to smooth out most air bubbles after installation. So there isn't a need to keep removing and reapplying until you get it right. However, if you do need to remove and reapply the sticker, because it isn't straight or you just don't like the location, this special adhesive allow for that too. We have tried many brands and many different product types and this is the best product available for bumper stickers. To make your new Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker even better and to insure that it will last for years in most outdoor environments, we laminate every one with a PVC UV film. This provides extra protection against UV rays and scratches and adds more life to your sticker. This step is one that most online sellers skip because it is time consuming and costly. However, at StickerTalk, your satisfaction is our primary concern. We won't sell a Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker unless we know it is the best we can make.
  • High quality vinyl stickers. Professionally made in the USA.
  • Utilizes air release technology which allows you to smooth out most bubbles after installation.
  • Printed with solvent based inks that are waterproof, scratch and UV resistant.
  • Laminated for extra protection. Will provide years of life in outdoor environments.
Dimensions10 x 3 x 0.4 inches

10in x 3in Cell Phone Use Prohibited Sticker Decal Business Sign Sticker

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