- Lightweight Aluminum Wheel Spacers + 10.9 Grade Lug Bolts
- Hubcentric: This means it will fit perfectly over your hub - eliminating possibility of vibrations.
- Perfect for fixing clearance issues if your wheel(s) is hitting your shocks or brake calipers
- Designed to move the wheels further out from the hub, giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance & allows for better handling characteristics
1999-2017 - Porsche - 911 (all trims- C2/C4, Turbo, GT2, GT3, Targa, Coupe, Cabrio)
1997-2016 - Porsche - Boxster (all trims)
2006-2016 - Porsche - Cayman (all trims)
2003-2017 - Porsche - Cayenne (all trims)
2010-2016 - Porsche - Panamera (all trims)
Important Notes
- Buyer needs to confirm their wheels are compatible with R14 Ball Seat Bolts
- It's recommended that buyers take the proper measurements to ensure that by adding the spacer, their wheel/tire won't hit the fender or any other part of the vehicle.
  • [VERIFY FITMENT] Applicable for many Porsche vehicles (911, Boxter, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera). Before purchasing, see Description section for specific year and models and also to read the Important Notes section.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS] WHEEL SPACER Thickness: 15mm. Bolt Pattern: 5x130. Hub Bore: 71.6mm | LUG BOLT Thread Size: 14x1.5 | Shank Length: 45mm | Seat Type: Ball Seat R14 with Swivel Seat | Grade: 10.9
  • [HUBCENTRIC DESIGN] Ensures exceptional wheel balance and eliminates chance of vibration. The 71.6mm bore ensures a tight fit on the hub. And the 71.6mm wheelcentric lip functions as an extension of the hub.
  • [MANUFACTURING] Wheel Spacers are CNC Machined to exact specifications from Aerospace Billet Aluminum. Undergoes anodizing process to prevent corrosion. Lug Bolts are manufactured with cold forged steel. Zinc coating provides exceptional corrosion resistance and appearance. Additional Heat Treating Process ensures dependable strength & durability.
  • [PRODUCT BENEFITS] Gives your vehicle a more aggressive stance. Improves handling characteristics and stability. Fixes brake caliper clearance issues. Increases tire clearance to allow installation of wider wheels and tires.

15mm Hubcentric Hubcentric 5x130 Black Wheel Spacers (71.6mm Bore) with 14x1.5 Ball Seat Bolts R14 Silver - for Porsche 924 928 944 968 911 Boxter Cayman Cayenne Panarema

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