This 55 oz. new vinyl tarp material is constructed for long term durability in the toughest of conditions. At 50 mils thick, it will protect any surface for years. It is very popular for use in roofing applications and built to retain flexibility at temperatures as low as 40 below. The center is a knitted poly mesh scrim (840x1000 denier) laminated between heavy PVC coating on both sides. It can be trimmed with very little fraying, and the center mesh layer helps prevent ripping or tearing. Both sides are UV protected and can be faced up. This tough material can last 20+ years outdoors. It will hold grommets well if they are installed. Sizes over 10 ft. in width will have a seam from heat welding. It can also be stapled or nailed to 2x4's or other boards for securing in roofing applications. Popular for covering: roofs, walls, floors, hoop houses, shelters, quonset huts, pergolas, barns, kennels, coops, deer stands, mobile homes, RV's and much more. Visit Billboard Tarps online for more information.

    17' x 20' Vinyl Tarp 55 oz 50 Mil Roof Cover White/Gray Deck Floor - Heavy-Duty

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