The variation option is duplicated:Values: 'Color: Black and Black'SKUs: 'SASTSX-6-BlackBlack' and 'SASTSX-3-BlackBlack'Values: 'Color: Black and Blue'SKUs: 'SASTSX-6-BlackBlue' and 'SASTSX-3-BlackBlue'Values: 'Color: Black and Green'SKUs: 'SASTSX-6-BlackGreen' and 'SASTSX-3-BlackGreen'Values: 'Color: Black and Orange'SKUs: 'SASTSX-6-BlackOrange' and 'SASTSX-3-BlackOrange'Values: 'Color: Black and Red'SKUs: 'SASTSX-6-BlackRed' and 'SASTSX-3-BlackRed'
    ColorGreen and Green

    2 Pack of 3 Foot 1/4" TS Patch Cables 3' Extension Cords Jumper, Assorted Colors

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    Green and Green

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