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As a parts distributor we mostly sell aftermarket parts (any OEM parts would be noted as such). Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original vehicle or equipment manufacturer, but are designed to function the same as - if not better than - the original. All parts sold are new.

Ac Delco: 321-654
Case: 104257A1 683594C91 A49652 L114250 L72955
Cummins: 214169 3603853Rx 3920618
Item Description: Alternator
Unit Type: Delco
Voltage: 24
Amperage: 65
Fan: External
Regulator: Internal
Polarity: Negative
Regulator Position: 12:30
B+ Terminal: 12-24
Mount: J180
Alternator Family Type: 200
Weight: 18.635 Lbs / 8.47 Kg

Case Wheel Loaders 600 Skid King 336 Diesel 1975-1979
Case Wheel Loaders W14b 6-590 Diesel 1985-1989
Case Wheel Loaders W18 401 Diesel 1971-1984
Case Wheel Loaders W18b 504 Diesel 1971-1988
Case Wheel Loaders W20 401 Diesel 1971-1981
Case Wheel Loaders W20b 401 Diesel 1980-1984
Case Wheel Loaders W20c 504 Diesel 1982-1989
Case Wheel Loaders W24b 504 Diesel 1975-1977
Case Wheel Loaders W24c 504 Diesel 1977-1985
Case Wheel Loaders W26b 504 Diesel 1971-1977
Case Wheel Loaders W30 504 Diesel 1984-1989
Case Wheel Loaders W36 504 Diesel 1978-1987
Case Wheel Loaders W36 Cummins Diesel
Clark Dozers 280 Dd 8V-71N 1979-1986
Clark Dozers 280 Iiia Dd 8V-71N 1975-1978
Clark Tractor Shovels 175B Dd 8V-71 Diesel 1975-1978
Clark Tractor Shovels 75B Cummins V-504 Diesel 1975-1978
Clark Tractor Shovels 75C Cummins V-504 Diesel 1973-1980
Clark Tractor Shovels 75C Dd 4-71N Diesel 1979-1980
Cummins Engines Engines Industrial K Series 1983-1992
Cummins Engines Engines Industrial L Series 10.0L Engine 1991
Cummins Engines Engines Industrial L Series 14.0L Engine 1991
Cummins Engines Engines Industrial V Series 6.2L / 8.3L / 9.1L Engines 1983-1985

  • Made with the Highest Quality Components Available
  • Meets or Exceeds Original Specifications
  • Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability

24V ALTERNATOR FITS CASE WHEEL LOADER 600 SKID KING 336 DIESEL 1975-1979 321-654 104257A1 683594C91 A49658 L114250

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