As a parts distributor we mostly sell aftermarket parts (any OEM parts would be noted as such). Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original vehicle or equipment manufacturer, but are designed to function the same as - if not better than - the original. All parts sold are new.

This Starter Drive Is A Direct Replacement For These Oem Numbers
Accumax 10-De900, 10A-D900, 10A-D900s
Accurate 7-900, 7-900E, 7-900S, 7-900Sup, 7-910, 8-900
Caterpillar 4M-1812, 4R-7057, 7T-8858
Delco 1115526, 1119804, 1119832, 1119848, 1119849
East Coast Starter Drive 900
Ford C4tz-11390-A
Mega International C-0398, C-398
Unipoint Snls-147C
Wilson 60-01-3505
Type Switch, Solenoid
Mount Type 4 Hole Mount Flange
Terminal Battery 1/2-13 (Rh)
Terminal Count 4 Term
Terminal Ground 10-32 Hole (Lh)
Terminal Motor 1/2-13
Terminal Switch 10-32 Hole (Rh)
Terminal Switch Position Right
Threads Mounting 1/4 Unthd
Type Ins Base
Volt 24

This Solenoid Fits All These Oem Starter Numbers On These Applications.
Case 20-1297T91, 462588C91, 489717C91, 739911C9, 739912C91, A15485, A170678, A47498, D31845, D42964, L106562, L79906, R26136, R26137, R40563, R42828, R43343, R46156, R47368
Caterpillar 0R2697, 0R4267, 0R4271, 0R4272, 0R5212, 0R5213, 0R5214, 0R5215, 1P7112, 1P9162, 1P9182, 2371962, 2M1431, 2M1464, 2P3926, 2S3473, 374458, 3L8205, 3S4458, 3S8473, 3S9207, 3T2775, 3T2776, 3T2780, 3T2781, 3T2782, 3T2783, 3T2784, 3T2785, 3T2787, 3T2788, 3T3430, 3T3778, 3T7226, 3T8452, 3T8942,
And Many More..

  • Made with the Highest Quality Components Available
  • Meets or Exceeds Original Specifications
  • Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability

24V SOLENOID EUCLID CRAWLERS C260 DD 8V-71 DIESEL 1964-1966 60-01-3505 C-398

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