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You are getting TWO Cute Umbrella Ice Pop Maker sets (each set makes FOUR ice pops). So you can make 8 ice pops at once!

This is a really unique item, a colorful ice pop maker mold, that allows you to make your own health frozen snacks for your family. Forget about those ice pops you buy in the store, that are loaded with corn syrup. Make your own, then you know exactly what is in your family's ice pops. Why not make them with 100% juice? It is so much healthier. You can also use soda or any beverage that you like to make these ice pops. Be sure to buy a few Cute Umbrella Ice Pop Makers

Easy to use: just pour in your favorite beverage(s), pop the 4 candy cane holders BACK on top, then put in your freezer. That is all there is to it!

To buy 100% juice pops at the store, you would wind up paying nearly ONE DOLLAR or more, per pop. Make your own at home for just pennies per pop! This Cute Umbrella Ice Pop Maker® pays for itself after just two uses!

    2x Cute Umbrella Ice Pop Maker® - Make Juice Pops For Pennies (you get two of these, each one makes four ice pops, so you can make 8 ice pops total at a time)

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